#92 MarTech Monday: Leveraging the Power of Intent Data

January 14, 2019



Mike Burton, Co-Founder of Bombora, joins the show to talk about how intent and behavioral data is captured and how you can begin to apply intent data to your sales and marketing efforts. Tune into this episode for use cases around successfully leveraging intent data within marketing and marketing technology applications.

#91 Creating Frictionless Content Experiences with PathFactory

January 7, 2019


Consuming content should be a frictionless experience for potential customers that are looking to educate themselves on your product or service. In this episode, Nick Edouard talks about how PathFactory is eliminating some of this friction through the use of their platform which uses AI to recommend new content, provides better insights into top-performing content and content engagement, and creates a better overall content-binging experience. Listen as we talk about the importance of content as it relates to the buying process, how content management is evolving, and more.

#90 How a $6 Billion Company Undergoes Digital Transformation

December 21, 2018



Dana Stirk joins the show to talk about how Booz Allen Hamilton, a $6 billion dollar company, has been undergoing a digital transformation after having almost no marketing infrastructure in place a few years ago. Dana shares what the journey towards digital transformation was like and highlights some of the initiatives that got the company to where it is today. Tune into this episode to learn why the team at Booz Allen Hamilton decided to work with an outside agency to help with the transformation, what kind of an impact their tech stack is having, and how they’ve become such a data-driven firm.

#89 Going into Battle: Leveraging Feedback to Build Strong Relationships

December 16, 2018



As a leader, it’s important to build strong professional relationships and have a team that is willing to go into battle for you. Alyssa Merwin, Vice President of Sales Solutions Americas at LinkedIn, shares her story on how her team and peers perceived her actions and dedication to success incorrectly. She outlines how she used this negative feedback to establish stronger connections with her colleagues, enabling her to be a more effective leader.

As the first sales person on the program, Alyssa and I also touch on some important topics around sales leadership, sales and marketing alignment, and the changing roles and responsibilities of sales. We also cover how to build a strong sales organization and predict whether marketing leaders or sales leaders will earn more in the future.

#88 Looking to the Future: Embracing Change and Digital Transformation

December 9, 2018



Ruth Rowan, CMO of Dimension Data, joins the show to share how she approaches digital transformation and embraces change. By clearly demonstrating the need for change and getting everyone onboard, Ruth has been able to minimize resistance and achieve organizational success much more quickly when implementing new processes and practices. Listen as Ruth shares how she landed in marketing, provides her thoughts on how marketing is perceived today compared to how it was perceived in the past, and highlights the importance of volunteering and giving back to those in need.

#87 Creating Agents of Change (Part 1)

December 2, 2018



In this Part 1 discussion with Ryan Johnson, we talk about what it takes to be successful in marketing and highlight many of the challenges that marketers are facing today. Ryan shares how he is enabling our clients to be agents of change and goes into detail around how he conducts workshops and training sessions to help marketers meet their strategic objectives. Listen as we dive into some of the newly evolving trends in marketing and outline what you might expect to see in 2019.

In Part 2, Ryan and I will answer any questions you have. Email your questions or topic suggestions to [email protected]

#86 Alternative Ways to Combat CRM Adoption

November 25, 2018



Mike McKinnon, Sr. Director of Global Marketing Operations at LogRhythm, has been in marketing operations for almost 15 years and he knows how to manage a CRM and implement data management practices better than most. Listen as Mike talks about some of the new governance practices he’s working on implementing to ensure his database has the highest data quality possible. From enacting a data committee to restricting sales reps from creating opportunities, learn what the team at LogRhythm is doing to combat duplicate and dirty data. In this episode, we also highlight how to make your CRM system more efficient and share tips for evaluating and purchasing new technologies in the new year.

#85 Prioritizing Leads with Lead Scoring

November 18, 2018



ConnectWise generates an incredible 20,000 inbound leads every month. As Sr. Marketing Systems Analyst, Rick Collins and his team are responsible for implementing and maintaining the lead scoring processes that prioritize those leads and improve the overall efficiency of their sales team. Listen as Rick and I share how and why to implement lead scoring and highlight which criteria should be in your lead scoring model. Rick also shares how he is bridging the gap between IT and marketing at ConnectWise and talks about his latest priorities aimed at enhancing and enriching data.

#84 MarTech Monday: Engaging Leads with Artificial Intelligence

November 12, 2018



Victor Belfor, Senior VP of Channel Sales and Business Development, joins the show to talk about Conversica and the rise of AI-powered virtual assistants. Listen as Victor and I dive into all the use cases for conversational AI and how virtual assistants are being used to automate personalized outreach, schedule meetings, and take on the role of an SDR. Tune into this episode to learn more about conversational AI and whether or not you should be adding it into your sales and marketing outreach strategy.