#61 Fueled by Failure (Jeremy’s Game)

June 17, 2018
Jeremy Bloom is a firm believer how learning to constructively deal with failure is the most important step that you can take towards accomplishing your biggest goals. In his book, Fueled by Failure, Jeremy points out that no matter who you are or what you have accomplished, you have experienced failure in your life. So many times failure becomes a destructive force in a person’s pursuit towards excellence yet there are ways to turn a failure into winning. Jeremy became a world champion skier and NFL football player not by denying or becoming trapped by his failures but rather by embracing them and developing a formula to use those experiences to bring him closer to accomplishing his goals.

#60 Tips for Getting Your Stuff Done

June 10, 2018
Do you feel like you could be more productive and more efficient with your time? Do you find yourself putting stuff off even though it causes you even more stress by doing so? Or maybe you are someone who struggles with procrastination. You’re not alone. In this episode, Samantha McKenna and I share our best tips for taking action, getting stuff done, and accomplishing your goals. Bonus: Samantha shares her best tips for using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

#59 How to Setup an SDR Team for Success

June 3, 2018
John Barrows is super passionate about creating high-performance sales teams and spends almost every minute of every day training and coaching sales teams. In part one of this mini-series with him on sales and marketing alignment, John and I answer three very common questions you need to hear the answers to:
1. Should the Sales Development Rep (SDR) team report into marketing or sales?
2. What is the difference between inbound and outbound SDR/BDR functions and skillsets?
3. What should leadership do, or not do, to make an SDR team successful?

#58 Key Tips for Mastering Webinar Marketing

May 27, 2018
Joe Hyland knows a lot about marketing. He knows what works, and what doesn’t, but like any good marketer he’s always trying to master his craft. As CMO of ON24, he in particular has a ton of expertise on webinar marketing, so I asked him to join me to do a lightening round of tips and best practices for you on hosting and marketing webinars in today’s ultra-rich-media marketplace. If you are hosting webinars, or plan to, you’ll get a lot of value from what we share. You’ll also hear that Joe doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and suggests there’s quite a bit of bullshit and hype going on these days in marketing and how to avoid getting caught up in it.

#57 Aligning Marketing with Product Management

May 20, 2018
Georganne Benesch built her product management career at notable tech companies such as entrepreneurial start-ups like Netopia and industry giants such as Cisco. She has over 30 years of experience leading product and marketing teams in the development, launch, and sales ramp of some of the most innovative and market leading products that have come out of Silicon Valley. Georganne and I had the pleasure of working together during my 9.5 year tenure at Netopia where I ran Marketing and she led the product team. I always valued the collaboration and alignment between our two teams so we reunited and I invited her on to the podcast to have her share her insights around the collaboration needed between product and marketing.

#56 #agentsofchange: An Interview with Amy Auriemma

May 13, 2018
Amy’s career certainly didn’t start out on the “natural” path to marketing operations. However, today, this former Navy Flight Engineer, T.G.I.F General Manager, and Scuba Instructor is the Vice President, Global Marketing Operations at Infor – a 3 billion-dollar software company with over 16,000 employees. In this episode, I talk with Amy about what it took to be an Agent of Change at Infor that has completely transformed marketing by facilitating cross-functional operations alignment, implementing a well-run MarTech stack, and leading a global marketing operations team that she’s built literally from scratch.

#55 Selling Your Soul to Success

May 6, 2018

For 18 years Jill Rowley was a quota-carrying sales rep who launched herself into cloud computing sales by joining Salesforce in the early years and then moved to Eloqua in 2002 before Oracle acquired them. Today, Jill is the Chief Growth Advisor at Marketo -- talk about a BIG pivot from team red to the team purple. But with Jill’s success has come many trade-offs. She’s been fired twice, battled (and overcame) addiction, and her incredible sales success has come at a cost emotionally that she openly shares on this podcast with me. How did I meet Jill? She was my Eloqua sales rep in 2002, 16 years ago back when I ran Marketing at Ellie Mae. If it wasn’t for Jill, I really don’t know when my journey into MarTech would have officially started. I consider her one of the best sales people I’ve ever met and partnered with. Whether you like Jill or not, her 40,000 followers on Twitter, and 210,000 followers on LinkedIn tune in to what Jill has to say and I know you'll get a lot from this episode with the former “Eloqueen."

#54 #agentsofchange: She’s Fearless, Driven, and Now CMO

May 1, 2018
Leadership isn’t anything new to Maria Pergolino, now CMO of Anaplan. She serves as an inbound marketing thought leader and inspiring mentor to many. She is fearless in her pursuit of engagement – and refuses to be a follower. Maria shares her perspectives on the importance of being driven, fearless, and provides advice for young marketers including never be afraid to take the next step which has worked out for her time and time again.

#53 The Making of LaunchPoint for Marketo

May 1, 2018
Shai Alfandry has been the chief architect behind the LaunchPoint ecosystem. I sat down with him at Marketo Summit to talk with him about his vision and how far along he is with achieving it.

#52 #techtalk: How to solve the ABM data-related issues

April 29, 2018
Evan Liang is the CEO of LeanData and anyone that knows him quickly discovers his passion for fixing the gaping holes and ABM system limitations that exist in out-of-the-box Salesforce deployments. Five years ago, he and his team created LeanData — lead management software that was created specifically to address the data challenges for enabling account based sales and marketing within Salesforce including linkages like lead to account matching. On this episode, I ask him to share his entrepreneurial backstory along with discussing the current state of inbound vs outbound, the challenges of sales and marketing alignment, ABM, and campaign attribution. If you use, or plan to use, marketing automation and Salesforce, give this podcast a listen to get some awesome insights on how to leap over the hurdles on the journey to account based marketing.