#86 Alternative Ways to Combat CRM Adoption

November 25, 2018



Mike McKinnon, Sr. Director of Global Marketing Operations at LogRhythm, has been in marketing operations for almost 15 years and he knows how to manage a CRM and implement data management practices better than most. Listen as Mike talks about some of the new governance practices he’s working on implementing to ensure his database has the highest data quality possible. From enacting a data committee to restricting sales reps from creating opportunities, learn what the team at LogRhythm is doing to combat duplicate and dirty data. In this episode, we also highlight how to make your CRM system more efficient and share tips for evaluating and purchasing new technologies in the new year.

#85 Prioritizing Leads with Lead Scoring

November 18, 2018



ConnectWise generates an incredible 20,000 inbound leads every month. As Sr. Marketing Systems Analyst, Rick Collins and his team are responsible for implementing and maintaining the lead scoring processes that prioritize those leads and improve the overall efficiency of their sales team. Listen as Rick and I share how and why to implement lead scoring and highlight which criteria should be in your lead scoring model. Rick also shares how he is bridging the gap between IT and marketing at ConnectWise and talks about his latest priorities aimed at enhancing and enriching data.

#84 MarTech Monday: Engaging Leads with Artificial Intelligence

November 12, 2018



Victor Belfor, Senior VP of Channel Sales and Business Development, joins the show to talk about Conversica and the rise of AI-powered virtual assistants. Listen as Victor and I dive into all the use cases for conversational AI and how virtual assistants are being used to automate personalized outreach, schedule meetings, and take on the role of an SDR. Tune into this episode to learn more about conversational AI and whether or not you should be adding it into your sales and marketing outreach strategy.

#83 Centralized or Decentralized: How to Structure Your Demand Center

November 4, 2018



Kevin Cassidy, Head of Global Marketing Automation at Sage, joins the show to talk about the success his team has seen from centralizing certain marketing operations functions while still being able to decentralize responsibilities for campaign operations due to his use of Campaign Launchpad(tm). Kevin goes into detail around the processes he’s put into place at Sage as well as the employee onboarding and training programs he’s implemented. In this episode, you’ll hear about Kevin’s passion for mentoring students, learn about the Mammies (Kevin’s internal program for spotlighting the success of his team), and you’ll even gain a better understanding of whether or not centralizing some of your marketing efforts is right for you.

#82 The Billion Dollar Man: An Interview with Russ Artzt

October 28, 2018



Russell Artzt is the pioneering software engineer who co-founded CA Technologies, formerly Computer Associates, the first software company to generate $1 billion in sales.This past weekend, Charles Wang, his former business partner, friend, and co-founder of CA passed away. In this episode, I invited Russ to reflect on that relationship, the history behind CA Technologies, and why Russ is hard at work in the MarTech/SalesTech space now as Executive Chairman at RingLead, Inc.

#81 Establishing Your Marketing Operations Priorities

October 21, 2018



Doug Ricketts, Marketing Operations and Chief of Staff, joins the show to talk about some of the marketing operations initiatives he’s focusing on at Ellie Mae. Since leaving Ellie Mae in 2007, a lot has changed and I ask Doug to share how the company has transformed over the last eleven years into the marketing operations powerhouse that it is today. Tune into this episode as we also cover how to set goals and define success for lower-funnel initiatives and talk about how to promote greater product adoption and decrease attrition. Doug also goes into detail about his role and responsibilities, how the marketing team at Ellie Mae is structured, and his process for evaluating and implementing new marketing technologies.

#80 CMO Insights: How to Build a Powerful Brand Experience

October 17, 2018



Creating a positive brand experience is critical for any company looking to be successful. Gene Foca, CMO of Getty Images, joins the show to talk about the power of putting the customer first. Listen as we dive deep into what it takes to deliver a remarkable customer experience and discuss who is responsible for building and maintaining those brand initiatives. Gene also shares some of the organizational changes he’s made at Getty since becoming the company’s CMO, we highlight a few companies that we think are getting brand experience right, and you’ll even learn what playing soccer and being a CMO have in common.

#79 MarTech Monday: Breaking the Cycle of Dirty Data with ReachForce

October 15, 2018



ReachForce is focused on helping marketers add more credibility into their data. In this episode, Dion Cornett shares some of the latest advancements to ReachForce’s data orchestration platform and how his company is making it easy to enhance data quality and fill data gaps. Listen as Dion and I also talk about the responsibilities behind data management and highlight who should be in charge of those responsibilities, cover the importance of having complete and accurate data, and explore how ReachForce is making it easier for marketers to implement and deploy new martech tools.

#78 Driven to Success

October 7, 2018



I have known Rob Meo for over a decade and he is by far one of the most driven individuals that I have ever met. In this episode, we explore Rob’s personal background and how his humble beginnings have made him who he is today. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, listen as Rob shares his aspirations for making the world a better place and his belief that anything is possible. We also talk about what it takes to be driven, discuss what makes a great leader, and even touch on the current state of the marketing technology industry.

#77 Lessons From a First-Time CMO

September 30, 2018



Jen Dimas, CMO of Egnyte, is a first-time chief marketing officer and has some valuable lessons and experiences to share with anyone considering a leadership role in marketing. In this episode, Jen and I talk about building the right marketing team, share some advice around choosing the right technologies for your tech stack, and help you decide if the CMO role is right for you. Jen also provides some pointers for being successful as a new CMO and highlights some of the new processes and practices she’s implementing at Egnyte. Tune in now!