#35 Reinventing the Use of Webinars for Demand Generation

December 7, 2017
Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing for GoToWebinar at LogMeIn, probably knows more about how to use webinars for lead generation than anyone on the planet.  Where did he get his super powers? It began when he was responsible for lead generation for the EMEA region at Citrix. In his role, he honed his skills over the years by pushing his team to produce hundreds of webinars, testing various formats, lengths, titles, interactivity, and imagery, ultimately turning them into a highly effective channel. But Daniel didn’t stop there. Over the past couple years, he reimagined what webinar publishing should look like in the modern marketing age. His passion led him to pack up and move his family to the USA to help develop the strategy for the GoToWebinar platform. The result: He’s reinvented the platform from the ground up and convinced the leadership team at LogMeIn to turn the platform into a publishing platform and community for marketing teams (and content publishers). What’s it called? Gotostage.com, and at the pace it’s growing, this could essentially become the “YouTube®” of webinars. Listen in to hear the back story of Daniel turning his dream into reality and how you can start using this new channel for your own lead generation as an early adopter. As a bonus, you’ll get some tips on how to turn your own ideas into reality and what it takes to do so.

#34 An interview with Mark Godley, President of LeadGenius

November 21, 2017
Mark Godley, President of LeadGenius, has been in the lead database and lead generation market for a good majority of his career and serves as advisor to several of the top lead database service providers. Tapping into his experience and expertise, I ask Mark about the state of database providers and inquire into his thoughts on best practices for sourcing top of funnel leads and data enrichment services:
  • Is there a difference between data providers?
  • What questions should we ask data providers when evaluating them?
  • What other best practice advice can Mark provide for selecting data providers?
  • Is it time for a new role in marketing called the Data Operations Manager?
  • What do demand generation priorities look like at various stages of a company lifecycle?
  • What’s the tenure of a CMO in a startup versus a more mature organization?
  • What are some of the changes Mark’s bringing about at LeadGenius? 

#33 Interview with Jeff Rummer, Director of Global Marketing Operations, Medtronic

November 8, 2017

Jeff Rummer has been instrumental in helping Medtronic transform from a primarily sales driven culture to a balanced (and aligned) marketing and sales driven business. Jeff’s and his team’s responsibilities include the planning, execution and measurement of all integrated marketing campaigns and digital experiences along with managing and optimizing their marketing technology stack. In this episode, Jeff and I talk about what it takes to be an agent of change and several other insightful topics for you including:

  • Jeff's quick rundown of his favorite DemandGen Radio podcasts and why
  • What does it mean to be a marketing hero? Does Jeff feel like one given all the transformation that’s taken place at Medtronic?
  • What advice would Jeff give his former self knowing what he knows now in marketing operations and change management?
  • What is the reason for Medtronic’s expansion into ABM centric demand generation? 

#32 The Rise of the ABM Manager

October 25, 2017

Daniel Day is Snowflake’s Sr. Marketing Manager, ABM. That’s right, someone whose sole responsibility is managing ABM marketing strategy and programs.  This insightful and controversial podcast covers the following topics:

  • What led to Daniel’s ABM Strategy at Snowflake
  • Why Daniel feels that ABM is a better strategy than the traditional Demand Funnel framework
  • How ABM fosters tighter alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • The process for establishing targets for sales teams
  • Why ABM can be easier for driving growth than traditional demand generation
  • When is it the right time for a marketing team to have a person dedicated to ABM strategy and programs
  • Snowflake's ABM Target Strategy
  • Measurement approaches and KPIs for ABM
  • Advice that Daniel would give to his former self if he was embarking on ABM all over again

#31 Interview with Mathew Sweezey, Author of Marketing Automation for Dummies

October 11, 2017

Join DemandGen Radio Host David Lewis for an interview with Mathew Sweezey, Author of Marketing Automation for Dummies and Principle of Marketing Insights at Salesforce.

Mathew provides his perspectives on:

  • What has changed since the publication of his book on marketing automation in 2013
  • Mathew’s view into Automation 1.0 vs 2.0 from a technology and mindset perspective
  • Shifting your view of marketing automation as a platform to it simply being a node of “the marketing stack network”
  • Examples of other forms automation, such as Chat Bots and dynamic content, that function independently outside the marketing automation system
  • How marketing must become contextual to communicate with people when and where they are
  • The number of marketing tools high performing vs low performing companies use
  • Why there isn’t an “uber marketing system” to incorporate all the key functions marketing needs
  • Is marketing ready to take ownership of the today’s marketing infrastructure requirements 

#30 Interview with Scott Brinker, Chief MarTech & Hubspot VP

September 26, 2017

I invited Scott Brinker back on the podcast to discuss his recent decision to join Hubspot as their VP, Platform Ecosystem. After a quick check-in on how plans are coming for his upcoming MarTech conference we discuss topics including:

  • Scott shares why he left Ion Interactive, the company he founded to join Hubspot
  • What makes a marketing platform a “platform” versus just a marketing tool or system
  • Why is there a growing popularity of chat bots as website engagement tools and what it takes to implement a solution at a high level.

#29 Analytics: How to Keep Score of Your Marketing Success

September 14, 2017

Do you know why sales gets the big bucks? Because revenue can be directly attributed to their performance. Can marketing’s performance be tied to revenue? Finally the answer is yes and it’s essential to do so to change marketing’s perception from cost center to revenue generation.

In this episode, David explains what marketing should be measuring and the process for establishing your metrics and sharing them with the organization.

  • Who should own the responsibility for marketing metrics within your organization
  • Why you should start with the end in mind when it comes to designing your marketing dashboard
  • The essential metrics you should capture and report on
  • The four C’s of marketing metrics
  • The three categories of marketing analytics
  • Whether you should be using a BI tool or sticking to just CRM and Marketing automation
  • What campaign variables to include on your lead form submissions
  • Where to go for help and additional resources

#28 How to Implement Lead Nurturing Programs

August 29, 2017

Are you stuck in batch and blast marketing or looking to improve your approach to lead nurturing, well this episode will give you guidance on how to use your marketing automation system for engaging prospects and customers while you sleep. After all, one of the main reasons you’re using a marketing automation system is to improve lead conversion, align with sales, and automate engagement touchpoints with prospects and customers. 

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of delivering relevant information
  • How to approach a lead nurturing project and map it out
  • The five goals for each of your nurture programs
  • Various types of nurturing programs and when to use them
  • My “best practice recipe” for creating a lead nurture brief
  • Examples of a lead nurture to help you think through your own buyer’s journey and how you can automate the communication

#27 An Interview with Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher

August 15, 2017
I was fortunate to discover Leadspace shortly after I founded DemandGen in 2007 when their Founder Amnon Mishor was on a fund-raising trip to Silicon Valley and he asked if I could meet-up to get my advice on their predictive platform for prospect building and scoring. With the predictive category still in its infancy, I was excited to get a look at the platform and find out how Amnon’s expertise in developing systems for the Israel Military Intelligence Division could be turned into AI to help marketers find prospects (versus terrorists). Since then, our two teams have developed a successful partnership based on helping our mutual clients with the successful adoption of their platform. On this episode, I invite their CEO Doug Bewsher to discuss a number of topics including:
  • As a CEO, and former CMO, what advice would he have for his former self in marketing
  • Why is Google AdWords such a big part of the marketing mix
  • What do CMO’s [really] need to know about analytics
  • His thoughts on the current state of AI in marketing

#26 How to Implement a Lead Scoring System

August 3, 2017

In this episode on lead scoring, I teach you another of five principles of successful lead management. I explain everything you need to know about lead scoring so you know whether you should be scoring your leads and how to go about building a scoring model and collaborating with sales in the process:

You’ll learn:

  • Should you be scoring your leads in the first place
  • An overview of the various types of scoring models
  • What it takes to implement an effective lead scoring system
  • How to establish the criteria used in a scoring model
  • The benefits of creating a lead scoring task force
  • Lead scoring dos and don’ts
  • What criteria you can use in an interest model
  • The benefits of a multi-dimensional lead rating system
  • The role lead scoring plays in changing statuses between inquiries and marketing qualified leads
  • How to create service level agreements (SLA) with sales
  • Marketing automation and CRM implementation considerations
  • The importance of maintaining your lead scoring system
  • Whether you should bring in an outside agency to help with the process