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#7 Now the ‘M’ in “ABM” stands for Marketo

#7 Now the ‘M’ in “ABM” stands for Marketo

October 10, 2016


When Marketing Automation systems originally came on the scene, they were architected to be essentially a database of individual records comprising of contact data and their associated online behavior (often called digital body language). But now, Marketo has reengineered their marketing database model to support the introduction of a full-fledged account based marketing solution that’s an optional upgrade to the Marketo platform. Join Mike Telem, Vice President of Product Marketing and DemandGen Radio host David Lewis as they discuss:

  • What’s different about Marketo ABM
  • What it takes for Marketer’s to be successful with ABM
  • How complimentary solutions can enhance Marketo ABM
  • The advantages of having your Marketing Automation system include native ABM capabilities

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