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#49 The Fearless Marketer

#49 The Fearless Marketer

April 10, 2018


Sarah Kennedy may be Marketo's relatively new CMO, but she is no stranger to marketing and knows what it takes to succeed in marketing leadership. The intense pressure, the need to take risks, and making sure one of your top priorities is always aligning with other business leaders, including the CEO and CFO. In this episode, my goal was to help you get to know Sarah, a new member of the marketing technology community. You'll learn about her passion for marketing and her recipe for putting on one of the largest annual marketing conferences - The Marketo Summit. The theme for the conference this year is the Fearless Marketer, and I ask Sarah to break down her process for coming up with the theme, what it means, how she selected the keynote speakers, and what else is in store for the show.  As a bonus: there is an "Easter Egg" at the end of the program with a Marketo Summit discount code of $450 for DemandGen Radio listeners - once again proof that procrastination can sometimes pay off!

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