#72 Enhance your Marketing Campaigns with Video

September 2, 2018
We all have cell phones in our pockets that are capable of producing exceptional video content, yet many marketers are still hesitant to fully embrace video. In this episode of DemandGen Radio, Tyler Lesard, CMO of Vidyard, and I talk about the power of video and the effect it can have when it comes to evoking emotionally-charged responses and influencing potential customers to take note of your brand. Video content has proven to be highly engaging and an effective compliment to almost any marketing campaign and producing videos today is now easier and cheaper than ever before. Be sure to listen to the end of this episode as Tyler shares a major announcement regarding a partnership that will make leveraging video even easier for B2B marketers.

#15 Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

February 13, 2017

It was only a few years ago that the need to become “a content marketer” showed up as a priority for demand generation teams. While that priority hasn’t gone away, marketers now face the additional challenge of “creating more engaging content” to rise above all the content noise. There is no better way to do that than by adding video to your marketing mix.  What was once a very expensive and time consuming media is now inexpensive and easy.  We’ve entered the “Vigital” age for interacting with prospects and buyers. In this episode of DemandGen Radio, David talks with Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard about how to get started in video creation and the benefits of using a platform like Vidyard for creating, publishing, personalizing, and tracking the impact of your video content.