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#107 MarTech Monday: Introducing Conversational Content

April 29, 2019


Chris Buehler is the Founder of SCORCH, a creative agency that has produced award-winning content and interactive campaigns for companies like LinkedIn, Marketo, and Microsoft to name a few. In fact, SCORCH was responsible for designing LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide, a piece of content that generated an 18,000% return for LinkedIn. Yes, they make great content for clients. But there’s more to their story. SCORCH’s work producing downloadable content gave birth to the idea that readers should be able to Click-to-Human(TM) through the piece of content just as a website visitor can easily engage with an agent through chat tools. I love technology, especially marketing technology, and my goal with this episode was to unveil to you to a pioneering innovation in online communication. Will it end up like the Apple Newton or become a hit like the iPhone is left to be seen. Either way, you discovered it here first on DemandGen Radio. #conversationalcontent

You can learn more about it at or even try out the technology in this ebook on “Conversational Content”: 

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