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#153 The Power of Marketing in Driving Revenue ft. David Eldred

February 18, 2020


Far too often Marketing’s efforts are not directly associated with driving revenue. Worse yet, when the economy slides, Marketing budgets are often slashed to protect profits. Only after the damage is done by these cuts, and top-line revenue growth is impacted, do companies try to market their way back on top. However, that is not the case at Rivermark Community Credit Union where Marketing is seen as a revenue driver. Imagine if you were regularly asked, “if we gave you more money, how would you drive more revenue?” Asked and answered! In the episode, you’ll learn how David Eldred, Director of Marketing and Digital Experience at Rivermark Community Credit Union brought in Marketo and other marketing technology tools to turn Marketing into a Revenue Center with incredible results. Listen as David shares where his passion for marketing and technology comes from and how he’s lead so much marketing innovation and impact within a financial services company.

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