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#29 Analytics: How to Keep Score of Your Marketing Success

September 14, 2017


Do you know why sales gets the big bucks? Because revenue can be directly attributed to their performance. Can marketing's performance be tied to revenue? Finally the answer is yes and it's essential to do so to change marketing's perception from cost center to revenue generation.

In this episode, David explains what marketing should be measuring and the process for establishing your metrics and sharing them with the organization.

  • Who should own the responsibility for marketing metrics within your organization
  • Why you should start with the end in mind when it comes to designing your marketing dashboard
  • The essential metrics you should capture and report on
  • The four C’s of marketing metrics
  • The three categories of marketing analytics
  • Whether you should be using a BI tool or sticking to just CRM and Marketing automation
  • What campaign variables to include on your lead form submissions
  • Where to go for help and additional resources

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