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#40 Show Me The MONEY!

February 14, 2018


You probably can hear “Show me the money Jerry!” in your head right now if you saw Jerry Maguire starring Cuba Gooding Junior and Tom Cruise. Guess what, Cuba is your CEO and he wants you to show him the money. Are you?

  Ever wonder why sales makes the big bucks and out earns marketing at most companies? It’s because sales only focuses on one thing and reports on it – revenue (the money). David Cancel, CEO of Drift and I are equally passionate about a movement where marketing becomes the “breadwinner of the revenue family.” The problem is, Marketing is so busy tracking and optimizing every metric besides revenue that they don’t have their eye on the prize. Why is that? In this podcast, we dig into that big time and offer suggestions to overcome this challenge. Cha ching. Let’s do this.

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