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#46 MarTech + SalesTech = RevTech

March 28, 2018


There’s another technology universe just behind the MarTech universe. It’s called SalesTech. The person who knows it best is Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools.  Nancy covers the SalesTech space and advises sales tool developers on their go-to-market strategy and even categorizes these tools on her website (  

As I’ve gotten to know Nancy, I couldn’t help but feel that she is like my “sister from another mother” as she shares the same passion for technology that drives revenue and has spent the past several decades in sales, and in marketing. Nancy has been in sales her entire career, starting in the early 80’s in Silicon Valley selling the world’s first laptop, GRiD Systems. She had to figure out how to sell $12,000 laptops that weighed a ton and even had a handle to carry it like luggage. Imagine that. Nancy likes to say that laptops launched the SalesTech space giving rise to CRM and even presentation tools like PowerPoint (a product I helped launch ironically, or not).  

Fast-forward to today and there are hundreds of SalesTech tools. Nancy and I share predictions that it won’t be long before these two universes collide and we all start calling this RevTech. 

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