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#48 How to Become a Great Presenter and Storyteller

April 9, 2018


Ira Koretsky not only teaches public speaking at the University of Maryland but is also a self-proclaimed “Chief Storyteller” who travels the world teaching executives, sales, and marketing leaders the art of storytelling for effective communication. Think about it, every day you tell stories. Some of them are what Ira calls BBQ stories, but others are critical business stories such as the ones you share giving presentations, running meetings, on-boarding team members, interviewing, raising funding, and of course during sales calls — just to name a few. In this episode, Ira teaches you techniques for powerful storytelling, the importance of building your story bank, and he outlines a six-step framework to teach you how to architect your own stories. You’re going to get a lot of practical ideas from this podcast. I know you’ll enjoy it.

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