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About David Lewis

July 11, 2017

For more than 20 years, David Lewis has been a pioneering innovator in online marketing, marketing automation, and CRM systems and has overseen marketing for some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology firms. His career journey began at Microsoft, where he played a key role in launching the company’s groundbreaking Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications.  Later, he moved to Silicon Valley to work with game-changing companies like Farallon, Netopia, and Ellie Mae.

Throughout his career journey, David has been at the forefront of the major disruptive waves that have transformed how companies offer their products and services to customers: the Web, marketing automation, CRM, search marketing, and social media. That’s led him to develop and refine new ways to help sales and marketing teams align and seamlessly blend of art, science, and systems – the heart of the principles of his book “Manufacturing Demand.”

In 2007, David founded DemandGen International, an Inc. 500 global consulting firm that helps sales and marketing teams achieve alignment, define and operationalize demand-generation processes, and create maximum advantage from marketing automation and CRM systems. Under his leadership, DemandGen has become the trusted advisor to the world’s most innovative and progressive firms including Apple, Dell, Dupont, American Express, Concur, Covidien, Citrix, Workday and hundreds more.