#72 Enhance your Marketing Campaigns with Video

September 2, 2018
We all have cell phones in our pockets that are capable of producing exceptional video content, yet many marketers are still hesitant to fully embrace video. In this episode of DemandGen Radio, Tyler Lesard, CMO of Vidyard, and I talk about the power of video and the effect it can have when it comes to evoking emotionally-charged responses and influencing potential customers to take note of your brand. Video content has proven to be highly engaging and an effective compliment to almost any marketing campaign and producing videos today is now easier and cheaper than ever before. Be sure to listen to the end of this episode as Tyler shares a major announcement regarding a partnership that will make leveraging video even easier for B2B marketers.

#71 From Start to Publish: How and Why to Write your First Book

August 26, 2018
Sangram and I know what it takes to publish a book and we’re here to share some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way with you. In this episode, we talk about how to overcome the obstacles and excuses that hold most people back and provide some words of encouragement to those that have expertise, lessons, or stories to share with the world. Writing your first book can be very challenging, but, once published, is extremely rewarding and can have a huge impact on your readers, your own personal brand, and even your company. Listen as we tell you everything you need to know about how and why to write a book.

#70 The Evolution of SEO

August 19, 2018
While SEO is important for driving traffic to your website, the success of this marketing channel has began to plateau and has recently seen a decline in performance for the first time in the last 20 years. With the advent of voice-controlled technology, AI assistants, and easier access to online information, people are less frequently clicking through to websites. In this episode, Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro, shares his perspective on where the future of SEO is heading and how you can evolve your current SEO strategy to remain successful. Rand and I also talk about what it takes to start a business and highlight some valuable tips from Rand’s book, Lost and Founder.

#69 How to Maximize Value from Event Marketing

August 12, 2018
Nobody knows how to do event marketing better than Kristen Alexander, CMO of Certain. As a leader in the event management space, Certain is working to increase pre- and post-event engagement, help marketers deliver more personalized and targeted event sessions, and guide prospects through the buyers journey in a more sophisticated way. In this episode, Kristen shares valuable tips around building successful event marketing strategies that lead to better in-person interactions. She also highlights the importance of leveraging event-related data and how to properly setup attribution for this marketing channel.

#68 Are you Staying True to your Brand?

August 5, 2018

As Co-Founder, CMO & President of Uberflip, Randy Frisch knows how to position a company to meet the needs of clients and customers. In this episode, Randy shares his struggle of whether or not to continue to establish “Content Experience” as a category within marketing, or to position Uberflip alongside more familiar topics, such as ABM or demand generation. Every company must undergo repositioning at some point in order to stay relevant and provide great customer experiences. Listen as Randy and I outline how to properly reposition yourself while staying true to your vision.

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#67 Mastering One of The Key Principles of Successful Lead Management - Lead Scoring

July 29, 2018
In this episode on lead scoring, I teach you one of the five principles of successful lead management. I explain everything you need to know about lead scoring so you know whether you should be scoring your leads and how to go about building a scoring model and collaborating with sales in the process:

You’ll learn:

  • Should you be scoring your leads in the first place
  • An overview of the various types of scoring models
  • What it takes to implement an effective lead scoring system
  • How to establish the criteria used in a scoring model
  • The benefits of creating a lead scoring task force
  • Lead scoring dos and don’ts
  • What criteria you can use in an interest model
  • The benefits of a multi-dimensional lead rating system
  • The role lead scoring plays in changing statuses between inquiries and marketing qualified leads
  • How to create service level agreements (SLA) with sales
  • Marketing automation and CRM implementation considerations
  • The importance of maintaining your lead scoring system
  • Whether you should bring in an outside agency to help with the process

#66 10 Tips for Success in the Modern Marketing World: A Reflection on the Last Decade

July 22, 2018


June 2018 marked the 11th anniversary of the founding of my company, DemandGen. This milestone prompted me to take a trip down memory lane with you to share my reflections of the transformations that have taken place across our clients and digital marketing. I wrap up the episode with 10 recommendations for you around people, process, and technology. I hope this episode will inspire you to make some enhancements to your digital marketing initiatives and that you’ll also put a few of the recommendations I provide into play to help take your game to the next level and increase your personal branding.

#65 Why and How to Establish a New Category for your Product or Service

July 15, 2018
One of the biggest challenges in marketing can be defining a category for your new product or service. If you put your product in an existing category, you run the risk of not differentiating your offering in an already established market and being a “me too” solution. However, if you take the harder path of defining a new category to stand out and take a leadership position, it’s both expensive and certainly challenging. In this episode with Daniel Gaugler, CMO of PFL, we discuss why he established a new category for direct mail production and fulfillment called “Tactile Marketing” and the valuable lessons he learned in doing so.

#64 How to Help Sales Become Storytellers

July 8, 2018
John Barrows and I pick up where we left off on Episode 59 to discuss “Context –vs- Content.” More than ever, sales and marketing must be better aligned to drive growth together. Marketing is publishing content, and sales is a channel to deliver that content to prospects and customers. However, marketing traditionally has not spent much time teaching sales how to become storytellers. Even worse, so much of the content produced by marketing is not what I call “storyteller ready.” In this episode, John and I give some practical advice that will help sales and marketing become more collaborative, better aligned, and even more empathetic to their respective roles. Empathy creates trust and let’s face it, there’s often not enough of that between sales and marketing. Let’s fix that.

#63 How to Lead a Marketing Operations Team

July 1, 2018
If you met Scott Berns, you’d immediately think “this is a great guy.” Although he runs marketing operations for the 3rd largest telecommunications company in America, he’s a humble, down-to-earth person that’s both a fantastic leader and constant student of learning. Scott has been leading the marketing operations team at CenturyLink for the past seven years, running it as a profit center. During that time, he’s grown the team from a handful of people to around 70 now under his leadership. What you’ll learn from Scott is how well he knows the marketing operations game and he’s happy to share his insights and lessons with you. Scott has led his team to winning the Marketo Transformation Revvie Award and has been finalists for Marketing Team of the Year. His marketing operations manager Kate (Cindric) Federhar, who I’ve also had on DemandGen Radio, was a finalist this past year for Marketer of the Year. These guys (and gals) are winners, so if you want to know what a top marketing operations leader does and how he does it, this episode is for you.