#25 How To Implement a Demand Funnel

July 19, 2017

In this episode I take you on a deep dive into why you should define and operationalize a Demand funnel and what it takes to do so.

You’ll learn:

  • How a Demand Funnel serves as a language to align sales and marketing and serves as a framework for lead management
  • What it takes to implement a Demand Funnel in our marketing automation and CRM system
  • The role lead scoring plays changes statuses between inquiries and marketing qualified leads
  • The six stages of a traditional Demand Funnel and their definitions
  • The importance of defining “out of funnel” stages like recycled and disqualified
  • What you should include in your blueprints for implementing a Demand Funnel
  • How a Demand Funnel helps marketing measure demand volume, velocity, and pipeline predictability

#24 The 5 Principles of Successful Lead Management

June 22, 2017
In this episode, I share the key principles of successful lead management from my book Manufacturing Demand which now has over 10,000 copies in circulation.  When I wrote the book, my publisher told me an industry factoid that only 1 in 10 people who buy a book actually read it. At first, I couldn’t believe the ratio, but then I looked at my own bookshelf and saw several great books that I planned to read when I purchased them still sitting there collecting dust.  As marketers, we know there are 4 types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.  So for those of you auditory learners, I am going to devote a few episodes of DemandGen Radio to the essential chapters of the book to offer you a “book reading” of sorts. While I won’t read the chapters word for word like you’d hear on audible.com, I will share the main points from each chapter starting with Chapter 2 that outlines the 5 key principles of successful lead management.  Listen in at your desk, in your car, or someplace where you can take in the concepts that have been used by some of the top marketing and sales teams around the world. 

#23 Why is there a New Demand Waterfall?

June 6, 2017

Unless you were abducted by aliens, you’ve seen the tweets, LinkedIn posts, and other coverage by the media, thought leaders, and demand generation experts about the new Demand Unit Waterfall introduced by Sirius Decisions at their annual conference in Las Vegas on May 16 – 19th 2017. The initial feedback to the unveiling has been mixed with both excitement and skepticism. David invites Terry Flaherty and Kerry Cunningham, two of the Research Directors @siriusdecisions behind the new framework to answer questions around its’ purpose and implications including:

  • What has the reaction been to the new waterfall?
  • Why did SiriusDecisions update the demand waterfall?
  • What's a Demand Unit and why does it matter?
  • What's a Demand Map and what value does it deliver?
  • What are the major changes/differences that Sirius introduced in this version of the waterfall?
  • What are some of the major things to consider when implementing the Demand Unit waterfall?

Listen in to hear the discussion and their answers!

#22 Mo Money, Mo Problems

May 23, 2017

During this Podcast with Sangram Vajre on ABM, I could hear Biggie Smalls lyrics [aka The Notorious B.I.G] echoing in my ears “…it’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”  Why? Well just moments before we kicked off the podcast, Terminus announced the closing of $10.3 million round of Series B funding. Hubspot and other investors are placing additional bets on ABM solutions, which they see as a critical component of the marketing mix. Tune in to this episode of DemandGen Radio to hear from the founder of the #flipmyfunnel movement and Author of ABM for Dummies.  Sangram shares insights on why people are both embracing ABM and struggling a bit to understand what’s needed to embrace it. 

#21 The Future of CRM

May 9, 2017

Ever wonder why Microsoft bought LinkedIn and what that might mean to the future of CRM?  DemandGen Radio host David Lewis has Russell Glass, VP of Products at LinkedIn on the program to ponder that idea and catch up on the latest sales and marketing innovations at LinkedIn.


#20 It’s Showtime Folks

May 9, 2017

It’s the official start of the B2B MarTech tradeshow season with both Marketo and Oracle having their annual user conferences this week. I’ll recap the key takeaways from both shows and share solid recommendations for considering the shiny new MarTech apps on display in the exhibit areas. I’ll wrap up with my unbiased impression of the major product announcements from both Marketo and Oracle for you.

#19 I Have a Super Power

April 12, 2017

What does it take to fast track your career from Content Marketer to Vice President of Marketing in just four years? How can you turn just three people into a content marketing machine? You can ask Dayna Rothman or listen to this episode of DemandGen Radio. Dayna is now VP of Marketing at BrightFunnel, and just 4 years ago she was at Marketo cranking out “lead bait” as the Senior Content Marketer under the leadership of Jon Miller. Dayna has also authored several of Marketo’s Definitive Guides, and wrote Lead Generation for Dummies published by Wiley in 2014. She’s also a content contributor to Lynda.com.  It’s no surprise that this “Wonder Woman” reveals that she has a super power when it comes to content creation, which she shares with you all. But her passion for crafting modern marketing content and demand generation tools are not her only secrets for scaling the ranks of marketing. Dayna shares some sage advice for women about confidence, being fearless, speaking your mind, showing results, and having a strong work ethic. She also talks about her experience working at Marketo, her mentors, the pressure there, and what she loved most about the team.


#18 A Pow Wow With Chief MarTech

March 30, 2017
Scott Brinker sits down with DemandGen Radio Host David Lewis to talk about Scott’s journey into marketing from his roots in computer science and video gaming to becoming the industry's self proclaimed “Chief MarTech.”  David asks Scott about what’s in store of this year’s MarTech Conference, and Scott also shares an update on his book Hacking Marketing – along with a discussion on the rise of marketing operations as a role and function.
The two also geek out on what’s happening across the marketing technology landscape and discuss other emerging innovations including AI and virtual reality which will no doubt give marketers new ways to target and engage audiences.
The program wraps up with Scott sharing some insights about ABM and other trends he’s seeing in the MarTech landscape.  You can also pick up some tips on the process for submitting your MarTech stack for the 2016 Stackie Awards at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco.  Bonus: There’s also a discount code for registering at the end of the podcast!

#17 Marketo CEO Steve Lucas’ First 100 Days Report

March 14, 2017

I asked Steve Lucas, the “new” CEO of Marketo to join me on DemandGen Radio to discuss his first 100 days at the helm. Steve and I first met when he invited DemandGen to Marketo’s Revenue Kick-off Meeting (RKOM) earlier this year. I knew from the moment I met Steve that he was just what Marketo needed to take them to the next level.  In his first 100 days, Steve has infused contagious passion for their growth and success across his entire organization and the partner ecosystem as well. In this podcast, I ask Steve questions about his first 100 days and you’ll want to hear his answers!

·  Why did he join Marketo as CEO?
·  What has he discovered so far in terms of his own SWOT analysis?
·  What does winning look like to Steve and the leadership team?
·  What is he hearing from his visits with customers?
·  What has he put in motion already?
The Engagement Economy Book
        ‒  Repositioning Marketo as an Engagement Marketing Platform
        ‒  Where he's making investments, like R&D including Project Orion and Mercury
·  What’s in store for The Marketo Summit event this year in San Francisco
·  Why he values services partners like DemandGen and other MarTech partners in the ecosystem


#16 How Uberflip® Reinvented Content Marketing for You

February 28, 2017
If you’re like most demand generation marketers, you’re trying to convert website visitors into leads by publishing various pieces of content scattered about your website and aggregating them in a resources area so visitors select and download your “lead bait” one at a time.  This traditional method of content publishing has certainly been effective for generating leads, but the team at Uberflip reimagined what the experience should be like­ – just as Uber® reimagined the transportation business.  Join DemandGen Radio host David Lewis and his guest Randy Frisch, Co-Founder of Uberflip, as they discuss Uberflip’s innovative platform for content marketing that dramatically improves conversion while also enhancing the experience for your prospects by mimicking the NetFlix® content model so visitors end up “binge watching” your content.