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#32 The Rise of the ABM Manager

October 25, 2017


Daniel Day is Snowflake's Sr. Marketing Manager, ABM. That's right, someone whose sole responsibility is managing ABM marketing strategy and programs. This insightful and controversial podcast covers the following topics:

  • What led to Daniel’s ABM Strategy at Snowflake
  • Why Daniel feels that ABM is a better strategy than the traditional Demand Funnel framework
  • How ABM fosters tighter alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • The process for establishing targets for sales teams
  • Why ABM can be easier for driving growth than traditional demand generation
  • When is it the right time for a marketing team to have a person dedicated to ABM strategy and programs
  • Snowflake's ABM Target Strategy
  • Measurement approaches and KPIs for ABM
  • Advice that Daniel would give to his former self if he was embarking on ABM all over again

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