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#228 Mutual Trust Between Sales & Marketing ft Ken Narita

October 28, 2021


If you as a marketing leader aren’t knocking on sales’ door from the moment you enter an organization, you’re missing an opportunity to give your marketing programs a head start.

What would it take to create so much trust and transparency that “sales and marketing” becomes one word?

In this episode, David interviews Ken Narita, VP of B2B Marketing at Ooma, about how marketing can build a relationship of trust and transparency with sales leadership based on their shared goal of driving revenue.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How the contribution of marketing to revenue will continue to grow.
  • The question of how marketing should be compensated.
  • Why a relationship with sales leads to revenue growth.
  • Strategies for developing trust and transparency.
  • Bonus: What roles would the Marvel Avengers have if they were marketers?

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  • Upcoming: an interview with Sangram Vajre
  • Upcoming: Ooma commercial

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