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#45 Unboxing AI with Jacob Shama

#45 Unboxing AI with Jacob Shama

March 22, 2018


In this MarTech Monday episode, we unbox AI for marketing by explaining the science behind it and offer up some practical examples of how AI is being used by companies today like Netflix and Amazon and now in B2B. I'm joined by Mintigo Founder and CEO Dr. Jacob Shama, a true pioneer in AI, who developed his expertise for AI while hunting "bad guys" as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and author of the book Intelligent Customer Engagement powered by AI. Jacob explains how insights are captured and used profiling along with the core components of AI including data science, machine learning, and autonomous programs. I hope you enjoy these new MarTech Monday episodes that are designed to help you understand the power of these advanced Martech methodologies and systems.

#37 Why Did Terminus Buy BrightFunnel?

#37 Why Did Terminus Buy BrightFunnel?

January 4, 2018


I bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? I didn’t either. Probably no one did. So why did Terminus, a startup, buy another startup? I ask Sangram Vajre, CMO of Terminus, that question and several others that you should hear his answers to. One of things you’ll hear is about the importance of being agile and moving in a direction despite having all your plans figured out. That’s a SUPER important lesson in life. What’s very unique about this acquisition is that it’s not a mega public software giant buying a smaller company. It’s two small martech companies coming together. That’s a first in the martech space. Will we see more? As a bonus, Sangram and I touch on the power of Podcasting and some other things we have in store for 2018. Have a GREAT 2018. Make this your best year yet personally and professionally.

#35 Reinventing the Use of Webinars for Demand Generation

#35 Reinventing the Use of Webinars for Demand Generation

December 7, 2017


Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing for GoToWebinar at LogMeIn, probably knows more about how to use webinars for lead generation than anyone on the planet. Where did he get his super powers? It began when he was responsible for lead generation for the EMEA region at Citrix. In his role, he honed his skills over the years by pushing his team to produce hundreds of webinars, testing various formats, lengths, titles, interactivity, and imagery, ultimately turning them into a highly effective channel. But Daniel didn't stop there. Over the past couple years, he reimagined what webinar publishing should look like in the modern marketing age. His passion led him to pack up and move his family to the USA to help develop the strategy for the GoToWebinar platform. The result: He's reinvented the platform from the ground up and convinced the leadership team at LogMeIn to turn the platform into a publishing platform and community for marketing teams (and content publishers). What's it called?, and at the pace it's growing, this could essentially become the "YouTube"of webinars. Listen in to hear the back story of Daniel turning his dream into reality and how you can start using this new channel for your own lead generation as an early adopter. As a bonus, you'll get some tips on how to turn your own ideas into reality and what it takes to do so.

Daniel's also posted these 55 best tips from hosting 500+ webinars and well worth reading:

#34 An interview with Mark Godley, President of LeadGenius

#34 An interview with Mark Godley, President of LeadGenius

November 21, 2017


Mark Godley, President of LeadGenius, has been in the lead database and lead generation market for a good majority of his career and serves as advisor to several of the top lead database service providers. Tapping into his experience and expertise, I ask Mark about the state of database providers and inquire into his thoughts on best practices for sourcing top of funnel leads and data enrichment services:

  • Is there a difference between data providers?
  • What questions should we ask data providers when evaluating them?
  • What other best practice advice can Mark provide for selecting data providers?
  • Is it time for a new role in marketing called the Data Operations Manager?
  • What do demand generation priorities look like at various stages of a company lifecycle?
  • What's the tenure of a CMO in a startup versus a more mature organization?
  • What are some of the changes Mark's bringing about at LeadGenius?
#33 Interview with Jeff Rummer, Director of Global Marketing Operations, Medtronic

#33 Interview with Jeff Rummer, Director of Global Marketing Operations, Medtronic

November 8, 2017


Jeff Rummer has been instrumental in helping Medtronic transform from a primarily sales driven culture to a balanced (and aligned) marketing and sales driven business. Jeff’s and his team’s responsibilities include the planning, execution and measurement of all integrated marketing campaigns and digital experiences along with managing and optimizing their marketing technology stack. In this episode, Jeff and I talk about what it takes to be an agent of change and several other insightful topics for you including:

  • Jeff's quick rundown of his favorite DemandGen Radio podcasts and why
  • What does it mean to be a marketing hero? Does Jeff feel like one given all the transformation that’s taken place at Medtronic?
  • What advice would Jeff give his former self knowing what he knows now in marketing operations and change management?
  • What is the reason for Medtronic's expansion into ABM centric demand generation?
#26 How to Implement a Lead Scoring System

#26 How to Implement a Lead Scoring System

August 3, 2017


In this episode on lead scoring, I teach you another of five principles of successful lead management. I explain everything you need to know about lead scoring so you know whether you should be scoring your leads and how to go about building a scoring model and collaborating with sales in the process:

You'll learn:

  • Should you be scoring your leads in the first place
  • An overview of the various types of scoring models
  • What it takes to implement an effective lead scoring system
  • How to establish the criteria used in a scoring model
  • The benefits of creating a lead scoring task force
  • Lead scoring dos and don'ts
  • What criteria you can use in an interest model
  • The benefits of a multi-dimensional lead rating system
  • The role lead scoring plays in changing statuses between inquiries and marketing qualified leads
  • How to create service level agreements (SLA) with sales
  • Marketing automation and CRM implementation considerations
  • The importance of maintaining your lead scoring system
  • Whether you should bring in an outside agency to help with the process
#24 The 5 Principles of Successful Lead Management

#24 The 5 Principles of Successful Lead Management

June 22, 2017


In this episode, I share the key principles of successful lead management from my book - Manufacturing Demand - which now has over 10,000 copies in circulation. When I wrote the book, my publisher told me an industry factoid that only 1 in 10 people who buy a book actually read it. At first, I couldn't believe the ratio, but then I looked at my own bookshelf and saw several great books that I planned to read when I purchased them still sitting there collecting dust. As marketers, we know there are 4 types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. So for those of you auditory learners, I am going to devote a few episodes of DemandGen Radio to the essential chapters of the book to offer you a "book reading" of sorts. While I won't read the chapters word for word like you'd hear on, I will share the main points from each chapter starting with Chapter 2 that outlines the 5 key principles of successful lead management. Listen in at your desk, in your car, or someplace where you can take in the concepts that have been used by some of the top marketing and sales teams around the world.

#21 The Future of CRM

#21 The Future of CRM

May 9, 2017


Ever wonder why Microsoft bought LinkedIn and what that might mean to the future of CRM? DemandGen Radio host David Lewis has Russell Glass, VP of Products at LinkedIn on the program to ponder that idea and catch up on the latest sales and marketing innovations at LinkedIn.

#16 How Uberflip® Reinvented Content Marketing for You

#16 How Uberflip® Reinvented Content Marketing for You

February 28, 2017


If you’re like most demand generation marketers, you're trying to convert website visitors into leads by publishing various pieces of content scattered about your website and aggregating them in a resources area so visitors select and download your “lead bait” one at a time.  This traditional method of content publishing has certainly been effective for generating leads, but the team at Uberflip reimagined what the experience should be like - just as Uber reimagined the transportation business. Join DemandGen Radio host David Lewis and his guest Randy Frisch, Co-Founder of Uberflip, as they discuss Uberflip's innovative platform for content marketing that dramatically improves conversion while also enhancing the experience for your prospects by mimicking the NetFlix content model so visitors end up "binge watching" your content.

#15 Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

#15 Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

February 13, 2017


It was only a few years ago that the need to become “a content marketer” showed up as a priority for demand generation teams. While that priority hasn’t gone away, marketers now face the additional challenge of creating more engaging content” to rise above all the content noise. There is no better way to do that than by adding video to your marketing mix. What was once a very expensive and time consuming media is now inexpensive and easy. We've entered the "Vigital" age for interacting with prospects and buyers. In this episode of DemandGen Radio, David talks with Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard about how to get started in video creation and the benefits of using a platform like Vidyard for creating, publishing, personalizing, and tracking the impact of your video content.

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