Live at B2BMX: Kyle Johnson of HyperScience

February 27, 2019



Coming to you live from the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, AZ! Tune in to listen to this episode as I sit down with Kyle Johnson of HyperScience at the event.

#14 The Life of a Marketing Automation Manager

January 31, 2017

Kyle Johnson, Marketing Automation Manager at Thomson Reuters Legal Division, joins David Lewis as they discuss a range of topics that highlight the breadth and depth needed in such a role as Kyle’s and how the marketing operations group functions similar to an IT department within marketing.

  • Centralizing versus Decentralizing their Demand Center
  • Kyle’s experience with various marketing automation
  • Using Marketing Automation as the hub of the customer journey
  • How other MarTech tools can be used to expand your marketing automation system’s capabilities
  • Why Kyle chose a career in marketing technology
  • Kyle’s lead scoring initiative for 2017
  • The pros and cons of gated versus un-gated communities