#64 How to Help Sales Become Storytellers

July 8, 2018
John Barrows and I pick up where we left off on Episode 59 to discuss “Context –vs- Content.” More than ever, sales and marketing must be better aligned to drive growth together. Marketing is publishing content, and sales is a channel to deliver that content to prospects and customers. However, marketing traditionally has not spent much time teaching sales how to become storytellers. Even worse, so much of the content produced by marketing is not what I call “storyteller ready.” In this episode, John and I give some practical advice that will help sales and marketing become more collaborative, better aligned, and even more empathetic to their respective roles. Empathy creates trust and let’s face it, there’s often not enough of that between sales and marketing. Let’s fix that.

#59 How to Setup an SDR Team for Success

June 3, 2018
John Barrows is super passionate about creating high-performance sales teams and spends almost every minute of every day training and coaching sales teams. In part one of this mini-series with him on sales and marketing alignment, John and I answer three very common questions you need to hear the answers to:
1. Should the Sales Development Rep (SDR) team report into marketing or sales?
2. What is the difference between inbound and outbound SDR/BDR functions and skillsets?
3. What should leadership do, or not do, to make an SDR team successful?