DemandGen Radio

#1: The Rise of Account Based Marketing (ABM)

July 20, 2016


In this inaugural episode, DemandGen Radio host David Lewis is joined by one of the founding fathers of Modern Marketing, Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo and now the founder and CEO of Engagio an account-based marketing platform that orchestrates outbound interactions across departments and channels.

Jon and David discuss the genesis behind starting Engagio following Jon’s tremendous success as co-founder of Marketo and the current state of ABM.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Why all the hype this past year on Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • The rationale for Engagio re-branding of ABM to Account Based Everything (ABE)
  • What does it take for a firm to be effective with ABM
  • The importance of aligning sales and marketing in an ABM strategy

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