#51 Who Owns Sales Enablement?

April 22, 2018
Pam will tell you up front that she’s not your typical marketer. Being in the corporate world for 20+ years and having held various positions at Intel from accounting and supply chain management and then marketing, Pam has the benefit of having a holistic view of how a company runs. She thinks strategically and is able to translate the big picture into actionable plans & tactics. Her first book, “Global Content Marketing” (McGraw Hill, 2014) is the first marketing book to offer a complete process to scale content around the world.
In her upcoming book, “Effective Sales Enablement” she focuses on marketing’s role in sales enablement, the friction between sales and marketing, and provides strategies for having consistent branding and messaging in sales enablement. It’s this second book that we dive into and discuss a very interesting topic that I know you’ll have an opinion on -- who should own sales enablement?

#50 How Much Money is Marketing Earning These Days?

April 16, 2018
Michael King, founder of kingrecruiting.net has been helping B2B startups and mid-sized Pre-IPO companies in Silicon Valley and Seattle build out their Marketing teams…from the CMO down to the Director. On this episode, we kickoff learning from Michael about how much senior marketing leaders are earning these days and we highlight some of the new roles emerging in marketing you might consider. We also discuss LinkedIn posting tips for you, resume tips, how and when to use a recruiter, and how to know which opportunities are best for you -- like being a head of marketing operations versus demand generation or even CMO. You’ll want to connect with Michael because his passion is meeting a director-level marketer and then working with them until they become a VP, CMO, and sometimes even CEO.

#49 The Fearless Marketer

April 10, 2018
Sarah Kennedy may be Marketo’s relatively new CMO, but she is no stranger to marketing and knows what it takes to succeed in marketing leadership. The intense pressure, the need to take risks, and making sure one of your top priorities is always aligning with other business leaders, including the CEO and CFO. In this episode, my goal was to help you get to know Sarah, a new member of the marketing technology community. You’ll learn about her passion for marketing and her recipe for putting on one of the largest annual marketing conferences — The Marketo Summit.  The theme for the conference this year is the Fearless Marketer, and I ask Sarah to break down her process for coming up with the theme, what it means, how she selected the keynote speakers, and what else is in store for the show.  As a bonus: there is an “Easter Egg” at the end of the program with a Marketo Summit discount code of $450 for DemandGen Radio listeners — once again proof that procrastination can sometimes pay off!  

#48 How to Become a Great Presenter and Storyteller

April 9, 2018
Ira Koretsky not only teaches public speaking at the University of Maryland but is also a self-proclaimed “Chief Storyteller” who travels the world teaching executives, sales, and marketing leaders the art of storytelling for effective communication. Think about it, every day you tell stories. Some of them are what Ira calls BBQ stories, but others are critical business stories such as the ones you share giving presentations, running meetings, on-boarding team members, interviewing, raising funding, and of course during sales calls — just to name a few. In this episode, Ira teaches you techniques for powerful storytelling, the importance of building your story bank, and he outlines a six-step framework to teach you how to architect your own stories. You’re going to get a lot of practical ideas from this podcast. I know you’ll enjoy it.

#47 How to Shape Your Career

April 3, 2018
Sam Melnick, VP of Marketing at Allocadia, and I reveal the key steps to having a happy and successful career journey. It starts with being intentional and understanding that every departure and new opportunity should meet several key requirements that we break down for you. We talk about the importance of environment, leadership, learning new things and even share one golden rule that if followed, you will be incredibly happy throughout your entire career. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback on the podcast and the best place for that is LinkedIn, Twitter (@demandgendave), and of course when we see one another.

#46 MarTech + SalesTech = RevTech

March 28, 2018
There’s another technology universe just behind the MarTech universe. It’s called SalesTech. The person who knows it best is Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools.  Nancy covers the SalesTech space and advises sales tool developers on their go-to-market strategy and even categorizes these tools on her website (www.smartsellingtools.com).
As I’ve gotten to know Nancy, I couldn’t help but feel that she is like my “sister from another mother” as she shares the same passion for technology that drives revenue and has spent the past several decades in sales, and in marketing. Nancy has been in sales her entire career, starting in the early 80’s in Silicon Valley selling the world’s first laptop, GRiD Systems. She had to figure out how to sell $12,000 laptops that weighed a ton and even had a handle to carry it like luggage. Imagine that. Nancy likes to say that laptops launched the SalesTech space giving rise to CRM and even presentation tools like PowerPoint (a product I helped launch ironically, or not).
Fast-forward to today and there are hundreds of SalesTech tools. Nancy and I share predictions that it won’t be long before these two universes collide and we all start calling this RevTech. 

#45 #techtalk: Unboxing AI with Jacob Shama

March 22, 2018
In this #techtalk style episode, we unbox AI for marketing by explaining the science behind it and offer up some practical examples of how AI is being used by companies today like Netflix and Amazon and now in B2B.  I’m joined by Mintigo Founder and CEO Dr. Jacob Shama, a true pioneer in AI, who developed his expertise for AI while hunting “the bad guys” as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and author of the book Intelligent Customer Engagement – powered by AI.  Jacob explains how insights are captured and used profiling along with the core components of AI including data science, machine learning, and autonomous programs.  I hope you enjoy these new #techtalk episodes that are designed to help you understand the power of these advanced Martech methodologies and systems.

#44 #agentsofchange: Lisa Kenney, Sr. Demand Generation Marketing Manager

March 16, 2018
I’m launching a new format for certain episodes of the podcast that I’ll be tagging as #changeagents when I’m featuring the top practitioners in marketing and sales that are transforming their organizations into high-performance teams. In this episode, graphics designer turned demand generation and MarTech geek Lisa Kenney talks about her experience utilizing several different marketing technology systems and how they are having an impact on demand generation and revenue at Blackbaud. You’ll hear her passion for tracking, and reporting on, marketing performance along with what it took to implement some of the systems she now depends on for success.

#43 Should You Do A Podcast Too?

March 7, 2018
I considered naming this podcast "If I was you, I would want to be me too." However, I was worried my attempt at humor and ripping off Meghan Trainor's lyrics might not come across with the right intent. You see, I am loving doing this podcast, and the impact has been tremendous - not only to me, but for my audience [you]. So, I decided to do a podcast for you about the "why" and "how" of podcasting and invited James Carbary, founder of Sweet Fish Media to join me. His agency is purpose built to help B2B marketers create their own podcasts, so between to two of us, get ready to get inspired.

#42 How a Modern CMO Builds Her Marketing Team. An Interview with Heidi Bullock, CMO at Engagio

February 26, 2018
Heidi Bullock has spent the past 6 years building marketing teams at Marketo and now Engagio. In this episode, Heidi discusses her approach to defining roles and responsibilities and what it takes to create a high-performance marketing team. Heidi talks about how she shifted the traditional structure of a marketing organization and created a "hub of customer engagement." I share the framework of an Accountability Chart and how to use a "GWC" score card - a process we teach our clients for designing their organizations. We also cover how to incentivize marketing teams, share some critical roles that didn't exist a few years ago, and discuss the importance of being passionate about what you do. We wrap-up hearing Heidi's very prescriptive advice about what it takes, especially as a woman, to rise to the highest level of leadership. As a bonus, we close out on what it takes to define a new category for your product. This is a great episode, so don't miss it and be sure to share it if you like it.